what's in a name?

The Bible records in 1 Samuel 17 that an Israelite boy named David represented his people in battle against a huge, seemingly undefeatable enemy. The future of the nation was in David's hands, or more literally, in his sling. As he went out to fight the Philistine warrior, David picked up five stones from a creek as his weapon of choice. It was with a creekstone that David felled the adversary, Goliath. As a result, David became the savior and hero of his people. However, David was merely a shadow of a greater, and ultimate hero, who also would represent his people before an even more powerful enemy, sin and death. This hero's weapon was not a stone. It was a cross. And by the substitutionary death of Jesus, he has set his people free and has become the Savior-Hero of the church. And so we have named our worshipping community Creekstone, to remind us of the present and eternal victory that is ours through the cross of our greater David, Jesus—the hero who is our hope.