K-Groups are Creekstone's community groups. The "K" in K-Group stands for the Greek word "koinonia," which means fellowship or oneness. 

These groups are made up of 10-14 people who meet  in homes to pursue discipleship in the context of authentic community, a relational atmosphere of grace where it is safe to be real. K-Groups are the heart of our "pastoral care" ministry, where everyone in the church takes on the calling to love, serve, counsel and pray for one another. 

If we think of the church as a body, when we gather on Sundays, the entire body is represented. However, K-Groups serve as the organs of the church. Since the body is only as healthy as the organs, we prioritize "body life" in the context of K-Groups as a primary means of cultivating spiritual health individually as well as congregationally.

The K-Group season runs from September through May of each year. 

For more information, contact Laurie Sussman.

For More information

For more information on K-Groups, just contact Laurie Sussman. Feel free to contact her here.